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Your Sun Sign and Strengths


Welcome to our new Zodiac Strengths series.


Here you will find an in-depth description of the unique strengths associated with each Zodiac or Sun Sign

Wondering how to harness your potential and find satisfaction in what you do?

Look no further – Your Zodiac Strengths will help you zero in on what you do especially well.

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Your Zodiac or Sun Sign and Strengths 

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The Strengths of Your Sun or Star Sign


Whilst you may seek cohesion, you do not seek sameness. Your strong sense of individuality means you will (perhaps subtly) resist all attempts to conform. Curiously, your journey seems to involve upholding your individual freedom whilst serving collective ideals.

Though you may not openly show it, you could feel an instinctual urge to be different. In fact, the very process of being categorised by astrological type is opposite to the Aquarian spirit. Anything that appears to “put you in a box” is likely to trigger a reactionary response. Above all else, you don’t want to be defined or limited by someone else’s definition of the world.

Your sign is one of self-knowledge. With an Aquarius personality, you are likely to have a pretty clear idea of what you do or don’t like – of who you are and who you are not. Maintaining this identity is important. More than anything else, you value your right to individual expression.

Herein lies the essence of your personality. You are finding your unique identity within context of the group of which you are a part. When you bring your individual talents to the fore, you also help the group to develop. You need to find the group that resonates with your true spirit, then help the team to grow.

You understand that the most practical way to achieve collective harmony is to allow each individual to be the best that they can be. You will find you are at your happiest when sharing your own unique perspectives with those who can appreciate them for what they are.

Your visionary idealism may mean you are drawn toward experiences that others consider strange. Never one to conform, your life path may involve you with ideas or activities that are somehow cutting-edge or at the vanguard of change. A sense of purpose comes from being willing to think outside the box, and explore intellectual terrain.

In fact, your sense of unique individuality can be so strong that you may need to make a concerted effort in order to stay involved. Some of you experience the feeling of being an outsider, or as separate somehow. Your individuality is so entrenched that you may feel as if you can’t relate to others, and therefore prefer the role of “lone wolf”. Through positioning yourself on the outside you think you get the chance to be yourself.

However, this road will keep you isolated and consequently out of touch with your emotional life.  Whilst you must maintain your uniqueness, you need to also find the similarities between you and everyone else. This means breaking through any internal barriers you may experience based on feelings of isolation or being different, perhaps discovering innovative ways to connect with others.

Looked at objectively, you need to give yourself the same consideration you afford others. You can easily see what other people have in common, rather than what keeps them apart. The same logic needs to be applied to yourself. Finding like-minded individuals who can appreciate your perspective is important and essential for long term happiness.

Not everyone will share your vision for the future, but this doesn’t matter. There will always be someone who will. Connecting is a major part of your journey, allowing you to share your ideas and feelings – even when such ideas challenge the status quo.  Human beings are social animals after all, and your personality requires you to share knowledge with those who can benefit most.


The Strengths of Your Sun or Star Sign


Perhaps you have noticed that not every Cancerian is the same? Or that not all Leos want to make an entrance when they come into a room?

There are in fact many factors which make up your astrological signature. Your Zodiac sign is just one, but is the most important of these. Your unique strengths can be found by expressing the qualities provided you on the day you were born.

Whilst you are of course unique, your core motivations are often typical of your Sun Sign. Few people really understand how this works, and more importantly, how to use this knowledge effectively.

Your Sun Sign provides a wealth of information that can greatly assist you as you journey through life. Contrary to popular opinion, your Sun Sign does not describe your personality, but instead who you are likely to become.

Rather than defining traits, your Sun Sign illuminates fundamental motivations and drives that will underpin many of your choices. When you understand these, you are much better equipped to make the best decison.

Throughout life, you will meet many challenges. These are also often depicted by your Sun / Star Sign. Over time, you will learn that when you express your solar qualities, you feel authentic and alive. By consequence, you will also discover the circumstances which are optimal for your success.


Your Sun’s House – What Makes You Unique


Most importantly, the time of day that you were born adds extra detail, and has a major impact on how you express yourself. Your birth time reveals specific arenas of life experience (as shown by the astrological Houses) that will be important for you.

Knowing this can help you understand why you are pulled in certain directions and not others. This major detail (known as your Solar House) differentiates your journey from anyone else’s born under the same sign. It will clarify the choices you need to make, and can greatly influence your success.

Together, your Sun Sign and House outline the best path for you to travel. By learning more about these Zodiac Strengths, you can better understand yourself, and set a course towards reaching your full potential.

You will discover your true purpose, and your astrology chart will provide the road map to get you there.

At the end of the day, by understanding and expressing your Zodiac Strengths you will get a much greater sense of satisfaction from life.

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Do You Know Your Sun’s House?

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Your Sun Sign and House Matters Most

The thing makes your astrology chart unique is the time and place that you were born.

The time of your birth greatly influences how your Sun or Star Sign is expressed, and will make a huge difference in terms of what motivates you and why.


You can find out more about the house in which your Sun is placed here. Knowing your Sun’s House helps you recognize the areas of life experience in which the characteristics of your Star Sign will be most strongly expressed.



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